Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Minnesota State Fair Food Bingo

The Minnesota State Fair is known across the country for being a mecca of sorts for food on a stick. The portability of food on a stick, coupled with the variety of deep fried everything makes the Minnesota State Fair a ten day orgy for your taste buds.

With that being said, it' was high time for someone to come up with a basic but fun game centered around the crazy food available at the Minnesota State Fair. While you can find highly organized maps detailing where to get the newest fair food creations nearly everywhere and websites have detailed every category of food available at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair, the time is right for a bit of chaotic fun in the form of Minnesota State Fair Food Bingo.

Just like any other form of bingo, you can play horizontally, vertically, diagonally, blackout (or what I call "food coma") or take the easy route and go for four corners.

Download the card, share it, print off a hundred copies and leave them around the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

minnesota state fair food bingo card

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