Thursday, July 31, 2014

Joke: One Finn can beat one Russian

When life gets you down, there are many ways of getting over that hump. I could list them off but instead of doing that, here's a great joke about an Finlander and some Russians.

One day a Russian infantry column is moving along a road with a large hill to one side. Suddenly, they hear a shout.

"One Finn can beat one Russian!"

The officer of the column laughs and sends one of his men over. After a moment and a few shots, the silence is broken.

"One Finn can beat ten Russians!"

The officer laughs again and sends ten men over the hill. After a minute of shouts and shooting, it gets quiet again.

"One Finn can beat ONE HUNDRED Russians!"

The officer, now becoming annoyed, sends one hundred men over the hill. The fight lasts ten minutes, and afterwards it gets quiet again.

"One Finn can beat FIVE HUNDRED RUSSIANS!"

The officer is now irate. He angrily yells for five hundred men to mount the hill. The ensuing battle lasts almost an hour.

As it gets quiet again, one Russian comes crawling back over the hill.

The officer goes up to meet him. The wounded Russian's last words are,"Don't send any more men. It is a trick! There are two of them!"

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