Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sexy hotties of the Sochi Winter Olympics

While Russia is still very much a backward company when compared to many other developed nations, that doesn't mean that the Sochi area won't be overflowing with a plethora of sexy winter olympians barely able to reign in their hotness. In short, the Sochi Winter Olympics are a hotbed for hotties. The clothes are nowhere near as revealing as at the summer Olympics so while there will be far fewer instances of camel toe, there are still the rocking hot bodies from every winter climate around the world.

So far, I've featured United States Olympic speed skater Alyson Dudek, Italian Olympic Ice Dancer Anna Cappalleni, Austrial Olympic Ski Racer Anna Fenninger, United States Olympic Snowboarder Hannah Teter and United States Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso.

Be sure to check back throughout the Sochi Winter Olympics for plenty of additional photos of sexy winter Olympic stars.

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