Monday, December 23, 2013

Steer clear of iLive electronics

Since purchasing a boombox with the brand name of iLive late in the summer of 2013, I have been wary of using any of its functions outside of the FM radio. Since the first time I tried using its bluetooth connectivity, the recurring problem has been its inability to actually remember the FM presents I specified after having the nerve to use other functions outside of the FM radio. I let it slide the first few times, assuming that I needed batteries installed in the boombox for some reason and today actually had the time to call and attempt to resolve the problem. After being unsatisfied with having to spend $20.00 to replace an obviously defective boombox I have written the below letter regarding the iLive IBC233B boombox and its problems including failure to remember FM presents and an LCD screen which is painfully dim.


I've had an ongoing problem since purchasing the above listed item in early September where after switching sources on the boombox the FM presents I had specified are reset to the factory defaults. I have tried the holding down the power button to reset the unit "fix" which has not worked. I spoke to customer service via phone and was informed the item in question is out of warranty and could only be replaced for a cost of $20.00. I find this solution unsatisfactory as this item has not worked as it should since the day I purchased it and due to being to busy to troubleshoot an item which I expected to perform normally I am now likely out the cost of this item. While I have no expectation of a company standing behind their poorly designed and non-functioning electronics, I would be pleasantly surprised if someone in an area of power would make an exception in an attempt to satisfy a new customer. All I truly want is for this boombox to function as I expect it should with presets which stay stored after switching sources and an LCD screen which is bright enough to actually read.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I have this radio and as soon as I tried to use the Bluetooth the sound out of the radio is gone. What a piece of shit. Never again