Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A murder story - part twenty-two

“Just to make sure everything is what?” Miranda interrupted Danny mid-sentence. “Do you think that this sick fuck could know where I live or something?”

“Hey, Miranda, we need to face the facts here. If this is someone who knows or knew you, this person found your friend and could probably find out where you live. Who the hell knows what or who we could be dealing with -- we just need to stay sane about it and be cautious.”

“Shit Danny,” Miranda said in a bit of an exhausted tone, “I suppose you are right.”

“Wow.” Danny said somewhat flatly.

“Wow what?”

“Well,” Danny began to explain “I think this might be the first time you’ve ever admitted that I was right.”

“It just never ends with you, does it?” Miranda laughed for the first time since arriving at the scene or her friend’s murder.

“Nope. If I couldn’t eek out a victory once in a while I’d probably end up like Perkins.”

Both Danny and Miranda laughed as they continued walking toward the somewhat wooded pond behind the townhomes. Danny walked behind Miranda both to ensure that no early-morning prowlers would endanger his partner and girlfriend and to enjoy the view of the young officer’s firm butt as she walked at a rather fast pace.

“Alright Miranda, let’s make sure we cover every damn inch of this area. If there was something as sizeable as a sweatshirt left behind there could be God only knows what lying around on the ground.”

“Hey, Danny,” Miranda asked loudly from in front of her partner, “did we get anything back from the rape kit on Emily Jenkins?”

“Um,” Danny paused and stood up, “I haven’t heard anything yet. Any particular reason?”

“Well, Danny, what if we’re thinking totally wrong on these murders?”

“How so Miranda?”

“We always go into a murder case assuming that it’s a guy who is the murderer -- and that’s usually the correct assumption. But,” Miranda paused before uttering something that could be considered completely ludicrous, “what if this is a woman we’re looking for?”


Be sure to check back for the ongoing second chapter of this (hopefully) intriguing murder mystery!

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