Friday, December 06, 2013

A murder story - part twenty-three

“Interesting thought Miranda but what makes you think that could even be a possibility?”

Danny returned to crawling on the damp ground, scouring the area for any trace of evidence that could lead to the murderer of Becky Pinkowski.

“I dunno Danny, this is just one of those series of crimes that seems to defy logic. I mean, what’s the connection between my best friend who is 24 years old and a divorcee in her mid-thirties?”

“Go on...” Danny listened more intently now.

“Becky never had an enemy in her entire life. She was careful, almost to a fault, about who she dated. Then there’s Emily Jenkins who spent her entire marriage sleeping with other guys while her husband remained faithful. Even after her divorce she was banging it out with God only knows how many fucking guys. Becky, to the best of my knowledge, had only slept with three different guys in her entire life.”

“Huh. You said ‘to the best of your knowledge’ when you mentioned Pinkowski. What’s that about?”

Danny stood up and waited for Miranda’s response.

“I just mean that Becky was sometimes secretive.”

“Secretive how?”

Miranda stood up, turning to face Danny.

“She was open to me about certain things. She never talked much about her relationships and I don’t think I ever once met someone she was dating. I can totally get keeping things private but what if..?”

“What if what, Miranda?”

“Well, what if Becky had something to hide about her dating life?”

“Okay,” Danny paused before asking the remainder of his rather loaded question, “do you mean that she may have been dating a married guy?”

“It would be the one common element between Becky and Emily Jenkins. I mean, assuming that Jenkins was sleeping with at least one married guy -- which isn’t too much of a stretch in my mind and assuming that Becky kept the details of her relationships secret for that particular reason.”


Be sure to check back for the ongoing second chapter of this (hopefully) intriguing murder mystery!

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