Monday, December 09, 2013

A murder story - part twenty-four

“That’s assuming quite a few things Miranda.”

“Well, shit Danny, don’t you think that there has to be some sort of connection between my best damn friend and Jenkins? Is there some other connection that I can’t even fucking grasp here that resulted in my best friend being killed in the middle of the night?”

Miranda returned to scouring the ground for evidence, her face beet red now.

Danny walked to her side, making his way through the trees and bushes.

“Hey,” Danny said as he placed his hand on her shoulder, “I know that this one is tough, particularly for you but we can’t do our jobs effectively if we’re jumping to conclusions about what sort of connection there is or who the murderer could be. Let’s wrap this area up and go grab some breakfast.”

“That sounds good Danny.” Miranda continued crawling along the ground, searching the greening grass and short trees for evidence. “I could really use a break from this one but I know we’ll find the fucker who did this.”

“That’s the spirit Miranda.” Danny crawled alongside his partner as the team approached the end of the patch of trees and bushes which lined a portion of the pond’s shore. “I can already taste that breakfast -- bacon, eggs covered in ketchup--”

“God dammit Danny,” Miranda interrupted, “there you go again with ketchup. You almost made me puke. Who -- except you -- puts ketchup on their eggs?”

“I have it on good authority that the Queen of England puts ketchup on her eggs and if I were forty years older I’d eat her eggs... if you know what I mean!”

“Nice,” Miranda said bluntly at her partner’s joke, “now I’m never gonna get that image of you between the Queen’s thighs out of my head.”

“Who said I was between her thighs?”

“God,” Miranda laughed at Danny’s more crude joke, “aren’t you afraid you’d break her hip or something Dan?”

“That just a risk you take when eating with royalty.”

“Yuck.” Miranda said as she laughed at Danny’s off-color humor. “Now that I’m practically sick, let’s go get that breakfast.”


Be sure to check back for the ongoing second chapter of this (hopefully) intriguing murder mystery!

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