Thursday, December 12, 2013

A murder story - part twenty-five

The pair walked, holding hands, around the back and then the side of the townhome development.

Miranda had never seen something as public in terms of affection as holding hands with Danny before this morning. Was this a new leaf, some reason for this newly found public affection or was he doing this simply to be supportive and caring in the wake of the murder of her best friend?

Careful to avoid more workplace scrutiny than they already faced from Homicide Chief Perkins, the pair parted hands as they rounded the corner and approached the team of officers working inside and outside of the townhome.

“Chief,” Danny said loudly as he approached, “Grove and I are gonna go grab breakfast.”

“Alright you two, no hanky panky while you’re gone!” Perkins chortled and laughed, resulting in a coughing fit which yielded another disgusting yellow loogie on the ground all due to his own pathetic joke.

“Thanks Chief, we should be back in an hour.” Danny turned and walked towards his haphazardly parked Dodge Durango and started the engine as Miranda slowly climbed up into the passenger seat.

“Well,” Danny began, placing his hand on Miranda’s left leg, “how are you holding up?”

“Outside of my best friend being brutally murdered, totally shitty.”

Miranda stared out the passenger window as Danny’s hand stayed motionless on her leg.

“I can’t even imagine how tough it must be seeing your best friend dead like that.”

“Yeah.” Miranda said flatly.

“I’m here to talk to when you’re ready.” Danny offered up, quite the change from his usual joking self.

Miranda turned from staring blankly out the passenger window at passing suburbia and looked at Danny.

“I am just so mad, Danny. I don’t know whether to bottle it up and find this piece of shit or cry for a day.”

“I know you Miranda, you are always the type to put on a brave face no matter how bad things get.”


Be sure to check back for the ongoing second chapter of this (hopefully) intriguing murder mystery!

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