Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sarah Silverman's un-aired 2012 NBC comedy pilot

Each year, prior to a slate of new television series being picked up to air during the upcoming television season, dozens of pilots are filmed. Only a small percentage of those make it to the broadcast airwaves and some are better left un-aired. NBC, though, has been in no position for the past decade or so to leave a stone unturned. While it would be cost-prohibitive to film even six episodes of each pilot the network considered, it's a strategy worth considering for NBC who basically put its only stable comedy, Parks and Recreation, on hiatus for the remainder of the calendar year.

While I could go on about the horrible state that NBC is in as a network, instead I'll cut to the chase. The studio behind the un-aired pilot for Susan: 313 starring Sarah Silverman was released online yesterday and while it's probably best that it remained un-aired, it does have more potential than some of the dreck that NBC did air last year. Think of 1600 Penn, Animal Practice, The New Normal, Guys With Kids and Save Me.

While Sarah Silverman's Susan: 313 would likely never have been as popular as anything shown on CBS, it seems polished enough to me and has enough potential that the 5th or sometimes 7th rated television network (NBC) would be wise to reconsider it.

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Jules said...

I liked it, I'd watch it again, if they ever aired it. i thought she was a little bit overacted, but I liked the format of the show. It was original and didn't come with a laugh track.