Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"The Blacklist" might be the best new drama of 2013

My DVR is doing a bit of heavy lifting this week as television shows debut on the major networks. Some will be gone before the first snow flies here in Minnesota but others will be the cornerstones of the television schedules for a few years to come. The best, so far, is "The Blacklist" on NBC which desperately needs a hit outside of "The Voice". The James Spader-starring "The Blacklist" is likely that hit. While it started off a bit dry and slow, it picked up steam if you managed to stick around after about 15 minutes.

It had the elements of a law enforcement procedural with what could be best defined, moving forward, as a criminal-of-the-week type show but it also has plenty of underlying and likely long-running questions which will keep viewers tuned in. What is the big secret that new FBI profiler chick's husband is hiding?

SPOILER ALERT: He had a lot of cash and an awful lot of different passports squirreled away in that well-hidden wooden box under the floor of the couple's dining room.

What does James Spader's character ultimately want with the FBI profiler whom he chose to surrender to? Why did he choose her first day on the job to surrender? What crimes landed Spader's character on the FBI's most-wanted list?

Whatever the case, check out "The Blacklist" Mondays at 9 PM c/t on NBC and watch the premiere episode below.

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