Monday, August 19, 2013

The most significant restaurant chains in all 50 states in a fun map

The United States is known for food. We eat too much of it. We eat the wrong kinds of it. We eat it far too often. But when I came across a link with a handy map featuring the supposedly widely known restaurant (usually a chain) which each state is famous for I was intrigued.

How many of these restaurants had I heard of. Were there any errors or omissions? (View the PDF version here)

Minnesota is accurate. Dairy Queen, or DQ as it has been coined in recent years, is a Minnesota staple and one which I believe is nationally known. It definitely has a much more well-known name and more polished presentation that the likes of something called "Ted's" in Montana which uses the wretched Brush Script font.

The one restaurant, though, which caught my eye was in Nevada. Something simply names "PT'S". I have no idea what this likely slap in the tastebuds is. They probably serve up bland, pedestrian burgers which set themselves apart from the competition in no way. They instantly lose points and nearly all credibility of the complete mess of an apostrophe. Actually, the vertical line filling in as an apostrophe. Anoyone who has every worked in a graphic design capacity and is actually worth the wages they are being paid knows about "typographer's quotes". It's a hidden option in Adobe InDesign which allows the user to actually use proper quotes (both single and traditional) and apostrophes. The option also exists in Adobe Illustrator in a few different locations and can also be found in the glyphs window if you seek the full list of options.

Lastly, where in the hell is Hardee's in this error-ridden map*?

*I don't actually see any errors except the fact that Hardee's, once a national or at least regional force, is missing from this map.

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