Thursday, August 22, 2013

Four pieces of driving advice

1. If you are going under the speed limit on the freeway but have nobody immediately in front of you, speed up. You, my friend, are the reason traffic jams exist.

2. If a law enforcement officer has someone pulled over safely out of traffic, don't slow down. Shoulders exist on roads and highways for a reason. If the police have someone stopped three lanes away, don't slow down because you're more likely to cause an accident. Additionally, the police already have someone pulled over, they won't leave and come after you.

3. Keep going a steady speed. This is especially irritating in heavy traffic or "stop and go" traffic as it is referred to. The reason it is called stop and go traffic is because people have an irrational fear of leaving more than six inches between themselves and the car in front of them. Space is actually good. And a steady speed is better then stopping and going between 20 MPH and zero.

4. Get off your phone. I'm not talking about texting or updating your Facebook status, I am referring to actually having a conversation on your phone. I can tell because your speed is varied and you are barely keeping you car in one lane. If you have problems both talking and driving, stop doing one of the two. Please.

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