Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why are we letting Paul Deen distract us?

So, let me get this straight. Paula Deen, a diabetic southern hag born in the 1940s used a racial slur? Once? And this is news? Yeah, I get it, racial slurs have no place in our society but Paula Deen, again born in the 1940s in GEORGIA, used a racial slur... at some point in her life! Color me totally amazed. A southerner using a racial slur.

I agree that when crap like this is exposed that the person who uttered the racial slur -- especially being that she is a television host -- should probably be pulled from her gig but why is this news? I'm sure there are hundreds, hell, maybe thousands of politicians from south of the Mason-Dixon line who use certain racial slurs on a semi-regular basis knowing full well that what they are saying is 100% wrong and probably makes more than a few around them feel rather uncomfortable hearing racial slurs flow somewhat freely.

But Paula Deen is a television chef. Who cooks everything with butter. Did I mention that she's from Georgia? And was born in the 1940s? That isn't exactly a racially tolerant area or era.

But while we are distracted by a racist diabetic from Georgia who cooks with nothing but butter the NSA is spying on us, abortion is being outlawed in multiple states and the courts are debating the legality of same sex marriage. But we care so much about a cable TV chef who uttered a racial slur at some point in her life because it's easier to focus on celebrities of any level than deal with actual important news. God, America is circling the drain faster than usual.

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