Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The new Dallas Stars logo is kinda awful

It's been about two full decades since the Minnesota Northstars relocated southward and became the Dallas Stars. Since that time, their logo has remained much the same since their final years of playing at the Met Center in Bloomington where a parking lot for the Mall of America now site.

But in twenty-plus year's time, things need to change because the logo they had when they left Minnesota was not timeless. So, within a week, the NHL's Dallas Stars will debut a new logo complete with new jerseys, breezers and all of the associated fan gear which serves to pad the team's bottom line.

The colors get a solid B+. They have eliminated the gold accent color and stayed true to what is now more of a mint green coupled with silver and black.

The overall design, though, gets a C- from me. I get that chiseled text conveys a sens of strength but there are other ways to convey that sentiment. With multiple layers of stacking (white/silver, black and finally green) the namesake star element begins to lose its shape. As a designer myself, I have fought the same battles of making all of the important elements of a log instantly recognizable but there are inconsistencies in this logo the more I look at it. Portions of the black layer from the overlaid D appear to be fully behind the white/silver star layer while on three of the five points of the star have portions of the black D layer on top of the star layer. I can tell that it's done due to the italicized shape of the logo itself but stand up for better design. This dog of a logo has enough inconsistencies to truly distract me.

Overall, I give the logo a D+ because of its layer inconsistencies. It's actually a bit messy.

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