Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Saturday mail delivery going away

Oh no, not that, anything but that -- said nobody... ever. Honestly, though, Saturday mail delivery contains nothing but advertising (which I actually embrace because who wants to pay full price for their groceries?). For me, it's two weekly shopper-type newspaper publications. With the Saturday mail delivery biting the dust in August, that means that those newspaper companies will simply adjust their schedules by one day. It won't be the final nail in the coffin for those companies because making a one-day adjustment isn't the end of the world.

What elimination of the Saturday mail delivery will do is bulk up delivery during the remaining five days of delivery. It will also make it a total pain in the ass for people who have full-time jobs and need to take a package to the post office to be mailed. Even the existing short Saturday hours are better than nothing but maybe there is a plan in place to adjust existing post office hours to accomodate working stiffs like you and me.

In the end, if eliminating Saturday mail delivery keeps the mail as we know it coming to my mailbox on a regular basis in a timely fashion for another decade then I'm cool with it. The United States Postal Service needed to do this a decade ago and desperately needs to stop paying retirement to their former employees until they die. The number of viable businesses who do that is minimal so make that change, piss off some people who can't plan and stay in business. It's pretty simple.

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