Tuesday, February 05, 2013

300 Club - Le Sueur, MN

300 Club Le Sueur, MN restaurant hamburger

The hamburger -- this was entitled the 300 Style Burger -- cost me a mere $7.50 for a 1/3 lb. patty topped with 2 large slices of Canadian bacon, two strips of bacon, American cheese and Swiss cheese. I was immediately impressed by its size and all of its accessories.

I'll start, though, with the french fries. They were basic fries but encrusted with a bit of batter for a bit of added crunch when you took a bite (not to mention perfectly salted). The hamburger's bun was a typical pub style affair, lightly toasted on the kitchen's grill. My one complaint is that the heaping pile of cheese and two varieties of bacon served to overwhelm the flavor (if there was any) of the beef. That could have likely been avoided by using only one slice of Canadian bacon or applying a bit of seasoning to the pre-formed frozen ground beef patty when it was placed in the grill.

Le Sueur, Minnesota's 300 Club is a rather unassuming place. Its location -- part of the city's bowling alley in the basement of a strip mall below a few other stores and adjacent to the town's only motel -- left me wondering what I was getting myself in to the first time I ate there but the selection of food and the affordability of the tap beer (I ordered myself a 32 oz. Grain Belt Nordeast for about $3.25) has brought me back a few times.

The 300 Club restaurant is a bit small in size but so is Le Sueur so don't expect to ever have to wait for a table.

Overall, I give the 300 Style Burger 3.75 out of 5 stars due to its value which serves to compensate for the perceived lack of flavor I encountered. I'll be back to try another offering which isn't as shrouded in Canadian Bacon and cheese.

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