Thursday, October 11, 2012

A murder story - part thirteen

Welcome back to the continuing saga that is poorly titled (for now) "A Murder Story" although an earlier suggestion is really growing on me. This is the second part of the second day of this winding and twisting crime saga. Things are well on their way to getting very interesting...

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“Maybe,” Danny said as he turned back around and threw the vehicle in to drive, “but I think a morning like this deserves some sort of grand opening. I mean it’s not every week we run across murders on back-to-back days. It sort of makes life as a cop in Kennebrook worth it after endless weeks of nothing but domestic disturbance calls and piss-ant little break-ins.”

“I get it,” Miranda said as she looked out the passenger side window into the passing rows of houses and street lights, “very few people actually deserve to die but this kind of shit does actually get my adrenaline going. This kind of shit is like something out of a TV show - I almost feel like you should pull your sunglasses off after uttering a brilliantly cheesy line about the grizzly murder you just uncovered and some of song by The Who should start playing.”

“Yeah. It’s just work but this kind of case reinvigorates me. It remind me of why I went in to law enforcement to begin with,” Danny’s voice perked up as he signaled a right turn and sped around the corner on to yet another deserted street, “My mind just runs all over the place imagining what could have happened. I know in the end that it all boils down to the evidence and being professional officers but it feels like we’re reading some sort of crime novel and eagerly anticipating the next twists and turns in the story.”

Danny looked down and grabbed his phone, checking the address of the crime scene again.

“Here,” Miranda reached over, grabbing the phone from Danny, “I can check the address and you can drive. After all you’re going about 70.”

“Fuck, who’s gonna pull me over. We are the mutherfucking police!”

Danny laughed heartily at his own joke as Miranda smiled out of politeness.

“Take a left here!”

Miranda held on to the Durango’s door handle as Danny sped around the hastily announced corner.

“It’s right up here about two,” Miranda paused and began to stumble as she quietly uttered the remainder of the sentence, “blocks.”

“Yep, I can see the lights. It looks like half the damn department is here.”

Danny pulled up to the house and hastily parked the black Durango on the wrong side of the street and jumped out as he threw the gear shift into park before the vehicle stopped rolling, leaving his door open and stoically lunging towards the crowd of officers scurrying around the crime scene.

“Fuck,” Miranda said as she slowly walked around the front of the Durango “this is - shit - I, I, I, uh...” Miranda trailed off.


Be sure to check back for the ongoing second chapter of this intriguing murder mystery!

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