Monday, October 22, 2012

A murder story - part fourteen

Welcome back to the continuing saga that is poorly titled (for now) "A Murder Story" although an earlier suggestion is really growing on me. This is the third part of the second day of this winding and twisting crime saga. Sorry about another cliffhanger...

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“Come on” Danny muttered obliviously as he made his way up the concrete steps in front of the townhome, “Let’s see what kind of fucked-up shit went down on this side of suburbia.”

As Danny and Miranda entered the townhome they were both shocked by the sheer amount of blood they encountered. A trail of blood seemed to begin in the kitchen and trailed down the short hallway past the bedroom and ended at the bathroom door where the victim was pinned to the apparently solid core door. A pool of blood had formed on either side of the bathroom door, saturating the plush beige hallway carpet multiple feet away from the door.

“Holy fucking shit,” Miranda said, gasping as she spotted the blood-stained carpet from the end of the townhome’s hallway.

The young officer Grove covered her mouth and turned, gagging at what had to me multiple pints of blood drained from the young woman’s body on to the carpet.

“Are you al-” Danny asked as Miranda interrupted him.

“I, I, I,” Miranda stammered as she retreated from the townhome.

Danny quickly followed her to the townhome’s front steps where Miranda stood simultaneously sobbing and gagging. He put his left arm around her shoulders as he approached her from behind.

“What is it Miranda?”

“I,” Miranda began as she fought back tears while her body shuddered, trying her hardest to spit out a coherent sentence.

“Whatever it is Miranda, we’ve all had it happen. I’ve seen plenty of crime scenes that made my stomach turn.”

“It’s not that,” Miranda quickly shot back in a break from her tears, “I can take whatever it is that I come across in the course of a workday.”

Miranda turned and looked at the sun beginning to peek over the horizon. She zipped up her jacket a bit as Danny silently stood next to her, waiting for his partner and significant other to open up and share what was bothering her.


Be sure to check back for the ongoing second chapter of this intriguing murder mystery!

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