Monday, September 17, 2012

Tracy Spiridakos - NBC's Revolution

Tonight marks the debut episode of NBC's high-concept drama Revolution. With a mostly unknown cast, the breakout character is Charlie (played by Canadian actress Tracy Spiridakos pictured below). A precocious and strong-willed young woman who, fifteen years after all forms of power in the world cease to exist, sets out from her home on the east coast of the Republic of Monroe (the former United States) on a quest to find her uncle (who supposedly knows about the mysterious blackout and possibly how to turn the power back on) in a now-decimated and crumbling Chicago only to be met by warlords and unsavory characters along the way on her journey. There is a kidnapping, murder, sword fights, a bow and arrow toting heroine (Charlie) and a multi-layered conspiracy of sorts which should make for a highly watchable series.

While I have only seen the pilot episode of Revolution which airs tonight at 9 PM Central on NBC, I can say that, already, Revolution has pacing issues. Tonight's pilot episode feels like it could have a feature length film instead of a 44 minute television episode. There is a ton of story packed into the first episode which hopefully sets up for equally entertaining and well-told future episodes instead of putting the brakes on the speed of the storytelling in an effort to fill an additional 12 episodes with a watered-down storyline.

Tonight's debut episode of Revolution is a must-see, though, because if the consistency of the storytelling stays at an entertaining level and continues to be fast-paced, you run the risk of trying to play catch-up later in the season. Unfortunately, I feel that Revolution will run through the meat of its story in one season where mysteries will be uncovered but there will be no resolutions. Regardless, it should be an entertaining ride while it lasts.

Tracy Spiridakos, starring as Charlie in NBC's new drama "Revolution" poses here for GQ in a suggesting that her covered but topless body is one of only a handful of reasons to watch the futuristic post-armageddon series.


Corbyn Samuels said...

I have to agree on the feature length film comment you made. Perhaps this is why I had a hard time wrapping my head around Revolution as a plausible show. However, I understand that there is pressure for the show to succeed but perhaps this wasn’t the way to go about it. The creator and producers of the show is what stuck out to me along with some of the actors so I’ll give the show a chance. I’ve got my Hopper set to record the next few episodes and with 2,000 hours of recording time I shouldn’t have to rush through. Perhaps Tracy will continue to carry the show in much the same manner she carried the pilot. A DISH co-worker says that she is definitely the one to keep an eye on in the show. Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito are big names on the roster and maybe that will help the show garner attention as well as focus on where the show is going.

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