Thursday, September 06, 2012

Revolution - full episode premiere

While the first episode of the NBC drama Revolution won't premiere for over a week, the pilot episode of the sci-fi drama set fifteen years from now in a world where all forms of energy vanished, you guessed it, fifteen years ago; the first full episode is available below:

Ambitious in concept, I am curious whether or not Revolution will be this year's The Event or Terra Nova or if it will actually catch on given its post-The Voice 10 PM eastern/9 central time slot.

Don't let the fact that the lead character is a strong-willed female with a bow and arrow lead you to believe that this is a television version of The Hunger Games because this is as far from that particular movie as you can get.

Revolution and its multiple layers of conspiracies will either give NBC some much-needed recognition in a world where network television is regularly being eclipsed by equally well crafted cable dramas or this series will wither away by mid-November and slip from our memories.

I, for one, have strong hopes for what I think is either the strongest or second strongest drama to hit the networks this fall.

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