Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Candy Corn flavored Oreos - review

Candy Corn Oreos reviewed
The attractive packaging of the Candy Corn Oreo package
lures you in.
In one word, the new Candy Corn flavored Oreos -- billed as a limited edition -- are terrible. Reproducing the sugary concoction known as Candy Corn as a creamy filling is a mistake to say the least. First off, we all know that Oreos are two chocolate-flavored wafers with white cream sandwiched between them. The first mistake is that the Candy Corn flavored Oreos use the relatively new golden wafer which is strangely sweeter than its chocolate counterpart.

I first gave one of these cookies to my wife. After seeing them in my Target back after work today she asked if they were for her. After this initial sampling I can safely say that she can have the rest of the package but given her own opinion of the orange and white creme filled abominations someone else with a less fickle cookie palate will have to eat these tiny travesties.

Candy Corn Oreos reviewed
Once opened, the Candy Corn Oreos
immediately disappoint with sloppy
production and a mere 21 cookies, or as I call it,
three servings.
As my wife slowly chewed her Candy Corn flavored Oreo, she was obviously using each and every last tastebud to better offer up her opinion on the flavor she was experiencing. After fully chewing and swallowing the cookie she described it as "Plasticy with a sort of alcoholic rum taste." She went on to rhetorically ask "What were they thinking?" And also mentioned that the Candy Corn flavored Oreo was "not like Candy Corn at all."

After that verbal beatdown of Nabisco's latest ill-advised creation, I decided it was time to man up and face down this apparent mistake of a cookie.

Upon the first bite of the Candy Corn flavored Oreo I was immediately struck by the fact that it tasted like pure sugar. The closest approximation I can come up with is that it is like drinking pure concentrated Coca-Cola syrup before it gets mixed with the carbonated water except not as syrupy. I then muttered aloud that it was simply "too sweet" which, given my sweet tooth, seems impossible.

After I decided to just finish the rest of what I knew was a misguided purchase I noticed that the taste of the Candy Corn flavored Oreo lingers and no amount of time and water seems to eliminate the taste from my mouth. In the end this single cookie was actually so sweet that it made my stomach hurt.

If you're still brave enough to purchase Candy Corn flavored Oreos, they can be found at Target stores (and likely many more national and regional retailers) for $2.99. The biggest drawback, though, is the fact that the $2.99 price tag nets you a mere 21 cookies. Yep, that's seven tiny cookies for $1.00. For that price it seems like I bought them at Super America instead of Target. But at least the packaging is cool.

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