Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A murder story - part six

Hey there. You've found the sixth installment of a work of fiction which I have conveniently left untitled (your title suggestions and comments are welcome!). I began writing this over a year ago but you might be better served by reading the pages in order.

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Lead Investigator Kline turned into the fairly new subdivision and wound his way to the crime scene.

The duo pulled into the driveway of the non-descript home and stepped out of the unmarked Dodge Durango.

“I wonder if there’s been any progress,” Miranda pondered out loud, not expecting an answer.

“Well, shit, I hope they’ve at least tracked down the husband or boyfriend or girlfriend or someone who knew our victim,” Danny said to his partner.

They ducked under the crime scene tape stretched across the front yard and walked through the home’s open front door to the brutal scene they had visited just an hour earlier. Still bustling with activity as officers gathered and tagged potential evidence. In the dining room sat a man, probably in his 40s, his eyes slightly puffy as though he had been crying recently.

“Is that our victim’s husband?” Danny asked one of the officers in the living room.

“Ex-husband. Been divorced for a couple years he said.”

Grove walked into the home’s dining room with Lead Investigator Kline following close behind.

“Hi, I’m Lead Investigator Danny Kline, this is Officer Miranda Grove. I understand you’re the victim’s ex-husband. We’re sorry for your loss but would like to ask you a few questions. Maybe we could step outside away from all of this,” Danny offered up the standard opening lines with a heavy dose of sincerity as Miranda stood solemnly alongside him.

“I’m Greg Jenkins,” the man said as he stood up. “Maybe we can go out on the deck and talk.”

Greg, the ex-husband, shuffled along with his eyes fixed on nothing in particular but definitely gazing downward, his shoulders slumped. He sat down in one of the cushioned chairs which overlooked the lush, manicured backyard. Kline and Grove sat on opposite sides of the downtrodden ex-husband.

“I can’t believe this could happen,” Greg said as everyone sat down.

“I understand you were divorced,” Danny began as he leaned forward, “How long had you two been separated?”


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Mrs Marcos said...

Interesting twist with the ex-husband, was expecting the victim to be married. Still reading!