Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A murder story - part nine

Hey there. You've found the ninth installment of a murder-filled work of fiction which I have conveniently left untitled (your title suggestions and comments are welcome!). I began writing this over a year ago but you might be better served by reading the pages in order.


“Well?” Miranda asked as she turned and looked at Danny.

“He didn’t do it.” Danny replied as he turned toward Miranda. “Fuck, this one’s gonna be a tough case. Her ex makes it sound like she had a parade of guys coming through here. Any one of them could have come unhinged if he thought he was the only one she was sleeping with. All it takes is the wrong combination -- a bad day, losing a job, getting piss-yourself drunk, whatever -- and someone who wasn’t quite all there could have snapped and, well, done that.”

Danny pointed toward the home’s living room where Emily Jenkins was pinned to a wall by a spading fork.

“Yeah,” Miranda began, “I’ve been with a guy or two and have seen jealousy combine with anger. I don’t think they were exactly capable of impaling me with a damn fork but anything’s possible I guess.”

“Sure is,” Danny muttered as he quickly made his way down the deck’s steps, “but maybe this could help crack the case.”

Danny smiled as he held up a red rag with a pen he had pulled from his pocket from behind the shrubs surrounding the deck.

“Well, well,” Miranda said, “who knows what that could tell us. But it is just a red rag so it might be nothing.”

“It’s not red,” Danny lead on, “this is all blood.”

“Holy shit,” Miranda exclaimed, “If that’s all blood, then-”

“Then,” interrupted Danny, “it could be our murderer’s blood. After all, who would start to clean all that mess up and throw the rag out here in the bushes?”

“Yeah,” Miranda stated, “I don’t think Mr. Clean did this so let’s bag this up and get it to the station so we can have someone take a better look at it.”

Miranda left and returned shortly with her crime scene kit. The officer pulled an evidence bag from it and carefully, with her now latex-gloved hand, placed the blood-soaked rag in it. After sealing it, she took it inside and handed it off to one of the officers collecting evidence inside the home. Danny followed her inside.

“Listen up,” Danny said in an authoritative tone, “it looks like the murderer may have been injured before Ms. Jenkins was killed. We need to go through every inch of the house, the yard, the garage, hell -- the entire neighborhood. Let’s see if we find anything out of the ordinary. If it looks suspicious, photograph it and bag it as evidence. A murder this violent needs to be solved ASAP. Officer Grove and I will take the back yard and garage. Everyone else, figure out your plan of action and let’s get this area blanketed.”


Be sure to check back each day for another page of this fictional work in progress.

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