Monday, September 17, 2012

A murder story - part five

Hey there. You've found the fifth installment of a work of fiction which I have conveniently left untitled (your title suggestions and comments are welcome!). I began writing this over a year ago but you might be better served by reading the pages in order.

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“God, I’m already here. Why does it -”

“$18.77,” the clerk responded, “Can I help you get that to your vehicle?”

“There’s, um, shit, where is - here’s twenty. Keep the change. I think I can get it to my truck myself,” Kline chuckled under his breath as he and Grove walked to the store’s front door. Kline grabbed two bags of lawn fertilizer and walked to the back of the Durango where Miranda opened the rear gate. Danny tossed them in and slammed the gate shut. “Let’s get back to White Pine Oaks or Gurgling Brook Meadows or Whispering Chipmunk Shit Hil-”

“I get it. All subdivisions have ludicrous names. God.” Miranda, pretending to be annoyed with Danny, chuckled as she looked out the passenger window. “Are we going out tonight, Danny?” Miranda asked as the buildings sped by, all looking alike.

“Yeah, I thought we’d try that new Italian restaurant, maybe pick up a movie or something and head back to my place and make some magic. Do you need to stop home after work?”

“Make some magic, huh? And what makes you think I’d put out?”

“I was just thinking it’s been a couple days and-”

“And of course you’re gonna get lucky, this week has been shit. I think we could both use to burn off some stress.” Miranda laughed as she tucked her blond locks behind her ears.

Danny let out a small laugh, “Good thing we both have off all weekend, I’d hate to have you answering questions about why you’re walking funny.” He smiled wickedly at his young partner.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. That new dildo I bought is fucking massive!” Miranda laughed playfully and smiled at Danny.

“I get it, you need to accessorize to actually get off and I have a tiny, tiiiiiny penis. Blah, blah blah.” Danny rolled his eyes.

The drive across Kennebrook usually took about 20 minutes but today it took half that as the pair seemed to hit every light green as they tooled down the divided four lane street littered with every imaginable chain store and restaurant. Quickly, the landscape of retail monotony transformed to tree-lined streets with large houses set back a safe distance from the relatively heavy traffic.


Be sure to check back each day for another page of this fictional work in progress. 

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Mrs Marcos said...

The "stab" (see what I did there?) at life in suburbia is amusing.