Monday, September 24, 2012

A murder story - part eight

Hey there. You've found the eighth installment of a murder-filled work of fiction which I have conveniently left untitled (your title suggestions and comments are welcome!). I began writing this over a year ago but you might be better served by reading the pages in order.


Greg shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

“But not angry?” Danny asked inquisitively as he sat his pen down on the table.

“I always sort of suspected she had gone right back to cheating. How could I be angry about something I kind of knew?” Greg shifted his weight. “Emily just proved to me that she wasn’t the monogamous type. I kind of accepted it but urged her to work through this. I kept believing that we could make the marriage work. She knew otherwise, though.”

“So that’s when you moved out?” Miranda asked as a light breeze blew her blond hair into her mouth.

Danny smiled briefly at Miranda spitting her hair out of her mouth but got his business face back without the grieving ex-husband noticing the brief break in his facade.

“No, I stuck around for about six months and tried to work things out,” Greg dryly said, “But Emily had already checked out. Sure, she put on her happy face but I knew that she had already moved on. I assumed that she was back to cheating on me and knowing that, I began to give up. I changed jobs again and was back to traveling more. I figured I had nothing to lose. A few months later I moved out. Emily didn’t even try to stop me. We both knew it was over.”

“About the divorce, was it drawn out, bitter?” Danny asked, stammering slightly.

“No.” Greg softly answered. “Emily gave me most everything and in turn I said that she could have the house. I didn’t want it. Too many bad memories to keep it.”

“About Emily, did she keep in touch after the divorce?” Danny asked, slowly peeling back Greg’s layers.

“We,” Greg paused, “We were still good friends. We would go out for dinner once in a while. We even tried getting back together.”

“Sexually?” Miranda asked abruptly.

“Yeah.” Greg shot back, “We had sex a few times. I guess I thought that we might rekindle things. Emily just liked having sex though. It was pretty obvious to me that she didn’t want anything close to a relationship. I broke it off before I got sucked back in.”

“Had Emily been seeing anyone recently?” Danny asked.

“Wow,” Greg responded, “how many names do you want?”

“So she still wasn’t a one-man kind of girl?” Miranda wittily asked.

“Heh,” Greg sort of chortled, “Emily seemed like she had a different guy every time I talked to her. It wasn’t always just one guy either, she was playing two or three sometimes.”

“Were any of them the jealous type?” Danny asked as he rapped his thumb on the glass table.

“I wouldn’t know,” Greg replied as he shook his head from side to side, “we were still friends but I never asked that much and if Emily ever veered toward that topic I steered the conversation away. I just didn’t want to know about her sex life.”

“Fair enough.” Miranda said.

Danny stood up from the table, “Thank you for your time Mr. Jenkins. If we have any other questions, we’ll be in touch.”

“Thanks Officer Kline, Officer Grove,” Greg said as he extended his hand, shaking the officers’ hands, “I just hope that you find who ever did this to Emily. Nobody deserves this. Emily was a great woman and a great friend -- in spite of our differences in the past.”

As Greg Jenkins walked through the open sliding glass door and through the house, exiting out the home’s front door, Lead Investigator Danny Kline and his partner, Office Miranda Grove lingered on the deck in the rear of the home.


Be sure to check back each day for another page of this fictional work in progress.

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