Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ktwin radio (KTWN-FM) ditches Tony Fly

Ktwin (KTWN-FM), making a bit of an abrupt change to its 7 month-old morning radio show, dumped long-time personality Tony Fly while co-host Eric Perkins is away at the London Summer Olympics for KARE 11. Third wheel Dani Starr appears to be absent as well for the time being with former/current afternoon DJ Dan Riggs.

Tony Fly mentioned, in an interview with City Pages, that Northern Lights Broadcasting management stated that they planned on going in a different direction and that ratings had gone virtually nowhere since the switch to a rather bland Modern Adult Contemporary format.

On a curious side note, the Ktwin website offers up zero mentions of its current DJs. This development, along with the axing of Tony Fly who is as serviceable of a DJ as could be expected given the watering down of the music on Ktwin after its first month on the air, makes me wonder if more changes are in the works at 96.3 KTWN-FM.

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