Monday, August 27, 2012

Jordyn Wieber - facts or photos?

The most famous gymnast to come out of the United States Gymnastics team from the London 2012 Summer Olympics has to be Jordyn Wieber. The 17 year-old Michigan-born gymnast recently celebrated her Olympic gold medal by throwing out the first pitch of a Detroit Tigers game as the glimpse into her Twitter feed and accompanying video below shows.

Will we remember the 5' 2" tall Jordyn Wieber in four years when the summer Olympics take over Rio De Janeiro, Brazil? Will we care about any controversy which surrounded her during the London Olympics? Will anyone remember the facts about Jordyn Wieber (such as her weight - a mere 115 lbs.) or will it be the photos of the petite gymnast that stand the test of time? Will we remember the perky cuteness / hotness of the spunky gymnast from Michigan? Will she still have those crazy rippling abs in ten years?

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