Thursday, August 02, 2012

Best London Olympics butt - Liliana Fernandez Steiner

The official award for the best butt at the London Olympics goes to Liliana Fernandez Steiner. Steiner hails from Spain and plays on the Spanish Women's Beach Volleyball team and she wholeheartedly deserves the title of "Best Butt at the London Olympics"

Even though this is only day 5 it will be tough for her fellow Olympians to top her fine ass.

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Anonymous said...

She has a beautiful butt. Inmediately struck my attention when turned the tv on and the match against the Italian was being played on.
Go Lili you are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

yeah !! It's quite right, Lily's butt is absolutely the nr.1.

Mr_i_love_tiny_pants said...

Lili has a fabulous body & i think the best ass in the history of assdom.....queen of all that is ass?? gotta love the Spanish girls, they love to show off in their tiny pants!