Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kate Upton bikini photos - definitely not fat

While some people are climbing on the "Kate Upton is fat" bandwagon, I'll let that trailer full of crazy careen on by me. As the photos (outtakes from the July issue of GQ magazine) below clearly show, Kate Upton is anything but fat. She may qualify as curvy but I am unsure of even that. Kate Upton may better fit in to the category of busty. I'll come right out and say that Kate Upton has amazing breasts and she looks great in these bikini-clad photos because she knows how to pose for a camera and the photographer knows how to capture models in the right light and at the right angle(s).

If Kate Upton is fat, what does that make the average woman pushing a shopping cart through your local Target store? Hell, I'll go as far as to say that Upton is thin. Maybe her figure is the new ideal as we all know that Barbie is anorexic and Pamela Anderson is as fake as they come.

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Kickstand said...

If she's fat, I now consider myself a chubby chaser!