Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beach Volleyball Dancers - London 2012 Olympics Photos

I had no idea that dancers were a part of Olympic Beach Volleyball but here they are. These photos personally make me wonder just what the purpose of beach volleyball dancers are but I assume that they are cheerleaders for the beach volleyball players. I never thought that the Olympics were a place for dancers or cheerleaders - I assumed that was something left for professional football and basketball and a handful of high school and collegiate sports. I don't object, though, because these scantily clad dancers have some of the best physiques I have seen yet at the Olympic games in London.

Cheerleaders dance during a practice session at the beach volleyball centre court at Horse Guards Parade - the cheerleader in the yellow bikini looks to be dangerously close to a nip slip or full-on boob flash.
Dancers from the AMCK Agency rehearse in a practice facility next to the Horse Guard Parade in central London.

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