Thursday, June 14, 2012

The third interview with me

Back in May and June of 2009 I invented an alter-ego for the sole purpose of asking me stupid interview questions. I don't know if the results were good, bad or downright pitiful but it made me think that Captain Fantastic should try for a third time to interview me.
Captain Fantastic: Hey Sornie, welcome back. It's been over three years since we last talked. Let's catch up.

Sornie: Sounds good to be, just don't ask any stupid questions and we'll be fine.

CF: Alright. I see that some things have changed around this blog. Why?

S: I like change. My day job is always evolving and to stay ahead of the curve and see what works best I shook things up. It was maybe February 2011 when I decided to focus on media and pop culture. Previous trends had shown me what worked and the idea behind blogging is to write what you know and sadly I know a fair amount about television and radio (dying media maybe?) and the lowest of the low in pop culture (nipples, ass and camel toe). The formula is sadly working. It says alot about the seedy underbelly of America.

CF: Well, that last bit was dark. How about MinnPics?

S: MinnPics is still chugging along. There was legit interest from a couple of media organizations in the site and/or the concept but it's a bitch to monetize so it is best left as a hobbyist site and it's still a passion of mine as my skills as a photographer have grown. It also led to the launch of The MinnPics Store where my wife and I have put a select few of our best photos out there for sale to the general public. It's in its infancy as I just launched it about a month ago but it's a start towards being more serious as photographers but still having fun with it.

CF: Cool stuff. What about your kid?

S: She's 3 1/2 years old now and follows me everywhere. She follows me like a loyal puppy when I mow the lawn. She insists on taking her "camrum" (camera) along when we go out shooting photos. It's really one of my tripod bases but she has a killer imagination so it works for her. She also hasn't stopped talking since she began talking and she's super excited about perfecting her dancing skills in preschool. I don't think that dancing is taught in preschool but I could be wrong.

CF: Sounds like she's enjoying things. How about that swing you built three years ago?

S: The swing/playground is holding up very well. She and her cousins would spend entire days playing on that if I'd let them. I typically slap a coat of stain on it each fall and it holds up well. Yes, I built the entire thing myself out of nothing more than a truck full of lumber, some hardware, two drills and a shitty circular saw which has now been replaced by a far better saw.

CF: So you are considering yourself a bit of a handyman now?

S: I built a walk-in closet last fall. Drywall and all entirely on my own.

CF: Does that mean you'll be taking on any larger projects?

S: Based on my wife's demands that I actually fully complete projects within a specific timeframe probably not. A closet is easy. So was reworking the patio last weekend. All in about 7 hours of work.

CF: See, you are a handyman. What about other stuff?

S: I'm still trying to figure out how to avoid cleaning the cat's litter box.

CF: And how is that going for you?

S: I put it off until I realize that I can't remember the last time it was done.

CF: That's sort of the story of your life it seems. Procrastinate until you finally snap.

S: Bingo.

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choochoo said...

I do interviews with myself all the time. Have since I was a kid. But over the years, I have learned to do it without moving my lips.