Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mr. Pig Stuff - the best BBQ

I've been a semi-regular customer of Mr. Pig Stuff in Shakopee, MN for about a year. It's an amazing little hole-in-the-wall joint on the former U.S. Highway 169 across form Rahr Malting in a former walk-up Dairy Queen building. To say that this area of Shakopee is overlooked would be an understatement but it shouldn't be overlooked any longer as Mr. Pig Stuff consistently churns out some of the best BBQ not just in the Twin Cities but in all of Minnesota.

Having lived here nearly ten years now, I've had many quests to find restaurants that measured up to those I became accustomed to frequenting in my teens and twenties. With pizza and Mexican food crossed off the list, it was on to BBQ and having heard of Mr. Pig Stuff through my wife who works a couple towns down the road, I made a run to the hidden gem of the BBQ world on my lunch one day and was instantly hooked. While I took my lunch back to my office there are also a scattering of picnic tables and a BBQ bar on the building's east side to belly up to and pig out.

The pulled pork sandwiches should be considered a drug because they are addictive. Warm, juicy, flavorful and just smoky enough to remind you that it's legitimate BBQ heaped up on a toasted bun and served with a mound of which ever side you choose.

I might stop by to grab a couple sandwiches to take home for supper tonight because it's been months since having their amazing BBQ and months without Mr. Pig Stuff is longer than a lifetime. Check out the family-run operation on Scott County 69 just a few blocks west of the Highway 101 bridge. It's practically in downtown Shakopee and it's heads and tails above the likes of Famous Dave's and Dickey's BBQ Pit which are chains and do little more than occupy cookie-cutter spaces in strip malls and send their profits out of state.


Mrs Marcos said...

Actually, Famous Dave's is based in Minnetonka, MN.

Sornie said...

I knew that in the back of my mind but still stand by my assertion the Mr> Pig Stuff trumps Famous Dave's.

Mrs Marcos said...

Never tried Mr. Pig Stuff but I'll take your word for it, not really that fond of Famous Dave's. Maybe I'll try to talk the mister into trying it some time.

Anonymous said...

The Pile sandwich is awesome! Pulled pork, brisket, coleslaw, and mac & cheese topped off with my favorite habanero BBQ sauce is killer!!!