Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feeling defeated by the day, Google AdWords

It was just one of those days today. The type of day where you just want to wipe it away and forget that it happened. Due to a whole world of changes at the office (diversification, new directions, etc.) I've been tasked with a whole pile of online tasks that, if I was asked seven years ago back when I was still a print graphic designer, I would have said that you were crazy to expect this out of me. Of course after I failed the 109 question Google AdWords for Search certification test today, I felt like my co-workers, again, were crazy to expect this out of me. A passing grade is 85% and I achieved a not-terrible 81% but it wasn't enough in the eyes of Google to achieve certification.

It's been that kind of week/month/year for me. I've been tasked with a whole host of new ventures which rest on my hopefully capable shoulders. On top of achieving Google AdWords certification, I also need to complete a framework for handling what can only be described as a whole shit-ton of data via an XML workflow and wrangling it into a hundred or-so page InDesign layout. That task is due in a couple weeks and I still haven't figured out a simple and understandable way for non-techies to input the data. Add to that having to design a rather involved (for me) companion website for that XML/InDesign project and I'm starting to feel the pressure.

Not to mention learning a rather intense and complex website monitoring/evaluation software package for my employer's S.E.O. venture and I've got simply that much more to get done.

I feel, somedays, like the future of my employer rests at least partially on my shoulders. I am confident that I can handle these tasks and more but the timeframe has me concerned. Thankfully my team has a meeting tomorrow to plan the launch dates of a whole host of service offerings so I can at bring up my concerns and mention my woeful shortcomings in front of those who, up until now, thought I was totally capable and were in awe of what I've been able to accomplish in a short time.

Hey, at least I have the musical stylings of Childish Gambino and his awesome and totally filthy rap lyrics to get me pumped up on my way in to the office each morning.

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