Friday, March 02, 2012

Daylight saving time must be coming soon

As I woke up this morning the only thing I could think of was when exactly does daylight saving time begin? I know it used to fall on the first weekend of April because there was one year when we stayed up drinking all night so we would be awake for a super-early round of disc golf bright and early on a somewhat warm Sunday morning but we ended up going to breakfast instead. All told, the plan was obviously flawed but we at least made the effort to follow through with it.

But a few years ago the dates for the beginning and end of daylight saving time were adjusted. It started a few weeks earlier -- moving the time change into March, and ended a week later so finally Halloween would be a nighttime event like it was meant to be.

The amount of sunlight this morning, though, made me think that daylight saving time had to be near. Hell, I even heard a few birds chirping. Maybe that's because we've experienced virtually no winter this year here in Minnesota or maybe it's because it is legitimately sunny when I wake up now but I'm looking forward to the impending time change because, for some reason, I actually prefer getting ready for my day when it is still dark outside. Maybe it's the inner creeper in me or maybe it's just less jarring to wake up to darkness and let the light come on slowly via the rising sun.

Anyhow, daylight saving time has to be coming soon. Maybe it's St. Patrick's Day weekend. I'll find out soon enough because I bet it will be the top news story on the TV as s ome dopey anchor jokes about springing forward or being late for everything on the following day. Dopes.


Joey said...

The only reason I know it's March 11 is I have a major project at work related to it, so it's due to be completed on 3/11.

I wish we'd follow Arizona's route and do away with it altogether.

Jules said...

I had my cards read this weekend and she said it's really going to muck me up for about 10 days, so I'm not looking forward to it this time. I have been noticing the brighter mornings though and for me it makes it easier to get out of bed.