Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Will Boomtown Girls be North Dakota's oil soaked TV hit?

Boomtown Girls from Lucky Dog Filmworks on Vimeo.

The oil boom in North Dakota's oil patch is huge. The buzz about the millions of dollars just waiting to be made doing the hardest form of work can make your mind race. But seeing this intensity, action and drama captured on film in the form of an extended teaser for what could very well be the first reality show ever set in North Dakota is almost exhilarating.

The real alluring part of the potential series is that the series focuses on five sisters -- all natives of the area surrounding Williston, North Dakota -- as they earn their livings in an oil boom town. From a welder to a septic truck driver to a bartender these women put a different face on the explosive growth taking place in North Dakota's oil patch. No gritty drama focused solely on guys on the oil rigs -- that instead is replaced with the every day goings ons of these women who struggle each day to deal with the influx of a mainly male group of workers who have left everything behind for the chance at a better life.

I'm curious which cable channel will land "Boomtown Girls" because it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when a cable outlet premieres a show focused on the North Dakota oil boom in the Bakken oil patch.

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