Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Madonna Superbowl halftime show

To summarize the Madonna Superbowl halftime show in one word is easy: bland. Madonna's career has now spanned four decades and the best she could do was put on a Superbowl halftime show which left me reaching for my remote and actually asking my wife to flip back to the Lifetime movie which I had pried her away from. And how in the holy hell did the hacks who make up schlock-rap due LMFAO get a spot alongside Madonna. It was a contrast of polar opposites. On one hand there's Madonna who is a legitimate performer with 30 years of experience and on the other hand there's LMFAO who are relative flashes in the pan. They've had two pop hits in the past calendar year and will likely be forgotten in five, hell, two years but they get to duet with Madonna for a few seconds because they guest on a track on Madonna's new CD? I could make my hair look entirely stupid and wear spandex too but I don't have a spot during the Superbowl halftime show with Madonna, do I?

All told, a Superbowl show featuring a recording artist who has a storied and deep career is the norm. We'll never see a Superbowl halftime show in my lifetime featuring a hot and now artist or a rising star in the music world. Instead we're subjected to an artist or band with a deep catalog of tracks because the Superbowl is about mass appeal. If it were anything else it would have all the popularity of the Puppy Bowl.

By the way, anyone know who won the Puppy Bowl? I was working.

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