Friday, December 09, 2011

Meat Nativity Scene - We Wish You a Meaty Christmas

Meat Nativity Scene - We Wish You a Meaty Christmas

Being that I'm a red-blooded American and that I fall into stereotypes easily, I'll just admit that I am a fan of both Christmas and meat. It was only a matter of time until some brilliant bastard combined the birth of Jesus and meat products so that's what makes this meat nativity scene both awesome and expected.

Personally, I'm hankering for a large slice, slab or square of this meat nativity scene. The manger -- made of tasty cured bacon -- looks particularly appetizing.


choochoo said...

Oh, that picture makes me happy :D I'm a huge fan of meat. Huge, huge fan. Actually, I think I will now have to go to the fridge and see if I can't find something dead to stick in my face.

Jules said...

Funny... somehow all that meat made me think in a perverted way and then it just seemed to make Christmas "dirty"....

But I am craving meat now too. Just of a different variety.