Friday, October 14, 2011

How I justify my hatred for "Whitney"

Some thing are more frustrating than others. For instance, I have a love/hate relationship with television. I ponied up an additional $1.99/month for HD channels on my main TV but I hate the bulk of what is shown. There are entire blocks of channels which I would never consider watching. (Bravo and A&E, I'm looking at you) But yet I continue to pay an exorbitant rate per month to my cable company for this drivel. But then there's the Disney Channel, it helps me get ready for work in the morning because I can plop the little one down in front of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and for the most part she stays entertained.

But there are certain nights when nothing is the least bit compelling. I catch up on the somewhat imposing stack of past issues of Rolling Stone, do some website design and pay some bills. It beats watching garbage but last night it all came to a head for me.

8:30 PM rolled around, bring with it the conclusion of that particular episode of The Office. With that came Whitney. The first thing that irritates me about that show is the obvious, excessive and annoying laughtrack. Nobody, even threatened with death, would laugh at the lines which are punctuated by far too much laughter. The second thing that grinds my gears is her mouth. Whitney Cummings has an excessively wide mouth. As we commented in the office yesterday, it's specially designed for placing certain objects in it (think large sandwiches, zuchinnis, multiple penises, etc.). The writing of the show is one gigantic stereotype. If I were the boyfriend in that particular relationship I'd probably just have one last vigorous roll in the hay with her and kick her to the curb because she is annoying, grating, coarse, vulgar and maybe a bit low on the intelligence scale.

The disappointing part is that due to this dreadful, lowest common denominator shitfest being on NBC (America's lowest-rated real network -- the CW doesn't count) it has already been given a full season pickup. That means that the few who still watch that particular portion of NBC's Thursday night schedule will be subjected to a full 22 episodes of Whitney, the worst sitcom to land on NBC in the past five years.

I know I'm not alone in loathing Whitney because it tends to lose about 40% of the ratings its lead-in, The Office. But I'm just one guy but I know I'm not alone in hoping for 30 Rock to make its triumphant return to its rightful Thursday night spot on the NBC schedule.


Josh said...

It's not a laughtrack. Where are you getting this "fact" from?

Sornie said...

I never said that it's a fact that it was a laughtrack but believe what you want. I just find it to be a stretch that a guy being handed his girlfriend's purse would draw riotous laughter unless the studio audience was paid per laugh.

Jules said...

omg, somehow this show just ended up on my tv. where's the remote?