Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall TV season is here already?!?

Last night seemed to be the unofficial start of the fall television season. Rather than watch the repeated, mindless drivel offered up on basic cable, I flipped to The CW and caught the series premier of The Ringer featuring the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar to network television. I always head into anything on The CW with low expectations and while The Ringer featured some downright shitty green screen work early in the pilot episode, the overall plot was full of mystery and intrigue and wrapped up with some terrific action. I am fairly confident that the series can sustain its intriguing plot of identical twins where one seems determined to have the other killed while the more affluent has staged her own death and is plotting to off her troubled and estranged twin who has assumed the other's identity.

Starting tonight, though, NBC is rolling out its new Wednesday night comedy offerings. While I'm not exactly shouting from the rooftops about Up All Night or Free Agents there is beginning to be some buzz around Up All Night and even one article I saw stating that it's the first good show about a baby. On the flip side, Free Agents is just dreadful looking. It's a cheap retread of a British sitcom of the same name and it stars Hank Azaria, otherwise known as strike one. The second strike is that it's on NBC. The third strike, well watch for yourself as NBC's new Wednesday night comedies debut tonight at 9 PM C/T and find out for yourself just how dreadful Free Agents is.

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Jules said...

I didn't love either of these shows...