Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What's going on here?

In an effort of full disclosure, I thought I'd give anyone out there reading who gives a damn about the multitude of projects I have launched in the past an update on some of the cool things I'm currently working on.
Anyone who has followed me for a while knows that I'm a huge fan of photos -- especially those taken in Minnesota because that's where I live. If you're doubting me, just take a look at MinnPics and you'll see over three years of daily photo aggregation from a whole host of amazing photographers from all over Minnesota.

I've also dabbled with showcasing some of my own work on a couple Tumblr projects -- Minnesota River Flood and Minnesota River Valley. The first was a short-term project capturing photos of the 2011 spring flood along the Minnesota River and opining about the lack of response in the area where I live. The Minnesota River Valley photo project was much happier in tone and, while posting has been sporadic, I plan on holding on to both of these Tumblr blogs because it's part of who I am. Nothing is going to be going away right away but depending on what works and what doesn't, something might have to be sunsetted out of necessity. It's the sad reality but don't get down because the coolest things are yet to come.

But like everyone else, I am diversifying and playing on my strengths. In the next month (give or take a few weeks) I will be making a pretty cool addition to MinnPics. I'm also cooking up some more in-depth ideas for MinnPics too but those have additional hurdles which I am not ready to bite off quite yet.

My second project, and by far the most labor-intensive, is breathing life into something that foodies will particularly enjoy and probably non-foodies too. Without divulging too much, I'll simply state that this project, like my others, will have a uniquely Minnesotan flare to it.

The final project is reviving one which I haphazardly launched a few years ago but let shrivel up and dry. The difference now is that I have an actual plan for this new website and its reach will be broader and its purpose much more refined. It's all about something most everyone has used and I am rushing to get this one done. So much so that it's consuming the bulk of my free time at home.

Realistically I'm planning on having each of these three websites/website additions launched by October but some will debut later, others earlier. Rarely do I get hugely excited over the mere potential for my online projects because I'm a realist but I'm going to be hugely proud -- regardless of the level of success -- of this MinnPics addition. I should have done it a year ago but was finally prodded by my wife to make it a reality. The food-related project was hatched out of my own sense of humor but refined into something more logical and I'm already proud of the accomplishments being made. It's huge in the truest sense of the word. Think mountains of content.

But that's about all I'm willing to say. I'll have full details when the first website is launched but until then I'll be busy working behind the scenes making sure everything is functional. These are my newest babies and they're about to be born into an already crowded household and even more crowded online planet. I hope that they thrive.

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Jules said...

Cool! Looking forward to seeing what you've thought up!