Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How much do you pee in a year?

I have a ton of random thoughts in the course of a day and I know I could easily Google the answer for this question but reading as I break down the variables which lead to an answer is much, much more fun.

I figure I pee about 7 times each day. On weekends it's less, maybe 6. Chalk that up to not being within walking distance of a cold water dispenser. Sure, if I'm home I'm probably closer to my drinking water spigot but I like water from my Brita water pitcher and that requires filling it so I probably end up a bit under-hydrated on the weekends. The total number of times I estimate that I pee in the course of a week is 47. That's a lot of flushes.

But the quantity of pee from those 47 trips to ye olde piss trough is still missing. If I had to guess I'd estimate that I piss out about 1.5 ounces each trip (1 1/2 tablespoons). If you extrapolate that out over 52 weeks the end result is a whopping 229.125 GALLONS of pee in the course of a year.

The number I had in my head before I set out to write this was approximately 50 gallons. To give you a visual of what approximately 50 gallons is, envision a steel barrel. Those are commonly referred to (by my dad) as 55 gallon drums. He uses them to store used motor oil and burn trash in. But can you imagine, if you're freaky enough, saving your pee in those very same barrels and having 4 completely full barrels full of urine. To say that's alot of piss is an understatement.

And I haven't even figured in the occasional beer bash, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo, Fourth of July, $3 dollar pitcher night and tailgating during football season. Factor the multitude of times each year that you drink in excess and seem to have to pee every 45 minutes and you are only increasing that yearly urine volume. It's disgusting but I have a feeling that my figures are eerily accurate.


Joey said...

1.5 oz. each trip? 10.5 oz. a day? It's gotta be more than that. Did you mean 15 ounces per trip? That would come out to 292.5 gallons a year by my calculations, so I must still be missing something.

I figure 36 ounces a day, or 99 gallons a year. Now, off to Google to see what it has to say...

Joey said...

139.92 gallons a year would be the "normal adult resting state" ( Interesting. I was 15 ounces a day short on my estimate.

Sornie said...

Still, 139 gal./yr. is a huge amount of pee. I'm not about to actually start measuring my quantity but this is actually an interesting (and mildly disgusting) topic.

Jules said...

Is it the same for men as it is for women? Cuz I feel sometimes like I pee 2 cups worth. I don't know how many ounces there are in a cup though. I wonder now how much I pee. Hmm.