Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Kelly Clarkson – National Anthem – NBA Finals

It's rare that I'd actually pay attention to the NBA, much less the playoff or the NBA Finals which seem to drag on to almost July but tonight, with the Dallas Mavericks at home playing the Miami Heat who did their best to buy a championship this year and are leading the series 2-1, it caught my attention.

With the only American Idol winner that actually matters, Kelly Clarkson, singing the national anthem -- and doing it effortlessly and flawlessly -- the Fort Worth, Texas native proved that AMerican Idol should simply turn off the lights and move the crew over to some tacky game show where people open barrels -- each containing snakes or ten million dollars. Of course my ideas might need some polishing but Kelly Clarkson's singing doesn't need any work. Plus, she looks damn good doing what she does.

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