Thursday, May 19, 2011

CBS Fall 2011 new series previews

2 Broke Girls

Starring Kat Denning, a fish out of water story where the perpetually broke Denning ends up taking in the newly broke former socialite and hilarity (hopefully) ensues.

Person of Interest

A gritty, sci-fi-ish crime drama starring Jim Caveziel (Jesus) and Michael Emerson (Lost's Ben Linus) where the team of Reese and Finch team up to prevent crimes. This is, by far, the most solid-looking show of the fall season.


A woman with total recall, working as a cop, wants to forget elements of her life and uses her gift to solve crimes in the NYC burough of Queens.

A Gifted Man

A successful doctor reunites with is wife who he finds out is actually dead -- yep, he can communicate with her spirit, tying the two together and having him tie up the loose ends in her life.

How to Be a Gentleman

A manners columnist is reunited with an old friend who is his polar opposite. Cheap buddy comedy humor ensues. Stars Matthew Dillon. Call this one done within one season.

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