Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Tree Hill returned last night...

With a FUCKING CLIP SHOW! That is no way, after a months-long hiatus, to treat fans. Oh, sure, it wasn't actually a clip show but past clips from the show's previous seven season comprised the 18th episode of One Tree Hill's 8th season. With that one move it became painfully obvious that this needs to be the final season of the highly-rated (for The CW) but rather tired One Tree Hill. And I say this as a casually regular viewer of the show for 5 or 6 of the show's 8 seasons. I hope that the tired and thought-deprived writing team does the right thing and writes a proper final episode -- hopefully including as many of the huge cast of characters from the show's history and let it become some sort of historical marker of how not to drag a show on beyond its intended lifespan.

Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton obviously saw the writing on the wall that the series had run its useful course and opted to leave (or were lowballed and left) after the sixth season but it's time to shut it down and move on.

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