Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Endings is well worth your time

A quirky late-season comedy complete with an insecure gay guy who doesn't seem gay, a recently split couple, an obsessive woman and her black husband and an insecure woman who is desperate to find a boyfriend. My description makes ABC newest comedy offering, Happy Endings, seem shallow but it is anything but that.

Elisha Cuthbert, easily the most recognizable name in the series, definitely does not steal the show in this six-person ensemble and my earlier assumption that Casey Wilson (formerly on SNL) is anything but funny was definitely wrong. The ensemble works well. After tonight's two episodes it's tough to pick a favorite character and I hope they continue to explore each of the six characters somewhat equally as they both have plenty to build on from the inaugural episodes.

I don't know if I'd compare Happy Endings to early episodes of Friends because this series actually has more potential. There is already an established relationship and one failed relationship that has the possibility of being rekindles but the romantic entanglements amongst the group of six has less repetitive potential than that of Friends. In addition, Happy Endings makes excellent use of sight gags, cut scenes and flashbacks without overusing the concepts.

In short, Happy Endings is a decent surprise among a sloppy heap of less-than-appealing late-season offerings across the major networks. If it were up to me, I'd make this an early pick to be back next season. Call it a surprise hit if you'd like but it's a definite must-see. Check out Happy Endings in its regular timeslot next Wednesday on ABC at 9 PM C/T.

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