Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The British have a sense of humor about Kate Middleton

What happens when someone finds a piece of food which resembles the image of someone famous? They sell it of course. But 500 British pounds (about $13,500 U.S. dollars - just try and doubt my math) doesn't sound like an exorbitant amount for a jelly bean whose mottled coloring resembles the likeness of the future princess of England, Kate Middleton. Sure, it doesn't feature her bust (which would definitely increase the asking price because everyone loves breasts) but the best part about the fluff piece of journalism, which The Independent recognized as such, is the URL which the assigned the article... utter-PR-fiction-but-people-love-this-shit-so-fuck-it-lets-just-print-it-2269573

That's seriously what the URL is. Click thru and see for yourself or just stay here and look at the jelly bean image of Kate Middleton who, according to some supermarket tabloids I saw on Saturday is pregnant. That announcement will supposedly come after the wedding.


Bill Roehl said...

This is your best post since the cameltoe of the Olympics.

Breasts. <3

BloggerFather said...

Ha! RESPECT to the Independent.

Sornie said...

Creey fact about the olympic cameltoe post -- it's my number one most popular post ever. Literally millions of page views in just over two years.

Jules said...

Well, it's for sure a woman... whether it's Kate or not, I'm not sure. Even I like breasts.. ;)