Monday, March 14, 2011

What happened over the weekend?

FOX has postponed their sci-fi drama epic "Terra Nova" ... again. Originally scheduled to premiere right about this time of year, it was then moved to premiere after the American Idol finale this spring it has now moved to a fall 2011 premiere. While it's been hyped beyond belief I have my doubts now if it will ever make it to the air and if it does I can see it lasting just a hair longer than "Lonestar" did during the fall 2010 season (2 episodes).

Greedy NFL owners have locked out overpaid NFL players. It happened just after the late local news on Friday night which means that nobody actually found out until this morning anyway. Way to bury a huge story about the country's most successful business possibly losing the 2011 season.

There's still hope that new TV shows can be good. Check out "Nick's Big Show" and then imagine the main character in a possible new NBC sitcom this fall entitled "I Hate That I Love You".

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