Thursday, March 10, 2011

The phenomenon of reality television

I wouldn't normally ever consider watching 20/20. It's not because I'm too cool to watch a network news magazine show. It's not even that I'm out of the house on a Friday night (because I'm basically an elderly shut-in). It's just that afSavedter enduring Friday nights where the only option was 20/20 growing up, I have a dislike for the program -- much like my wife's dislike of pancakes.

But this Friday's episode of 20/20 (9 PM Central on KSTP-Channel 5/ABC) just may be intriguing enough to consider watching. It's all about the phenomenon of reality television. According to the ABC Press Release, they'll be taking a look at the thing that most maddens me -- people who are famous for no other reason than being famous. The people like Richard Hatch (Survivor), Kate Gosselin, The Kardashians and others. Also featured will be the perfectly nauseating ladies from Bravo's "Real Housewives" franchise. Having never watched it but heard discussions about it, they are all a bunch of spoiled, bitchy, possibly whorish housewives who drink a lot and live overly privileged lives.

In short, they fit the bill for being famous for no other reason than being famous. And their fame is only due to Bravo (and other cable channels) rolling out original but (supposedly) unscripted series featuring the supposedly average lives of nobodies. Basically, we have the cable channels to blame for a whole new breed of fame -- those who have done nothing, outside of living their mundane lives, to become famous.

Let's all blame cable and get back to watching these worthless, vapid souls being exposed on ABC's 20/20.

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