Monday, March 28, 2011

Do people really care about THIS royal wedding?

In case you're still obsessed, some thirty years later, about the modern day royal wedding happening a mere month away, worry not. Americans can obsess over the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton with 20 hours of combined coverage spread over NBC, MSNBC, E! and a few other cable nets nobody really gives a damn about.

The real question, though, is whether people do actually care about this royal wedding? The previous royal wedding was big news because it was the first of its kind due to it being televised and the soon-to-be Princess Diana being a virtual nobody and coming from nothing. She used her fame, though, for good and made a lasting legacy with her charity work.

The whole Kate Middleton thing seems different. Oh, sure, she's easy on the eyes but she's already at least somewhat famous and seems to be just a lesser version of our American fame whores -- the difference being that she has an accent which makes being a fame whore a bit classier.

I can wish until I'm blue in the face but I already know that people will obsess over  the Prince William/Kate Middleton nuptials just like any other wedding but do we need it to be televised? Hasn't Prince Charles done enough to sully the mystique of the British royal family to the point that we don't/shouldn't care any longer? Maybe we've finally moved on because we sure seem to be able to obsess plenty over stateside nobodies like Lindsay Lohan and her drug addiction/shoplifting habit and Charlie Sheen generally being a walking corpse who survives on a constant flow of porn star sex and cocaine.


Leah said...

You're just bitter because I got to dress up my princess Di paper doll in her wedding dress and you were stuck playing with farm toys.

Anonymous said...

Kate Middleton isn't even a Royal Bride, not until that ring is on her finger. They've lived together for years and she's clearly got no aristocratic blood in her, as such they should have had a quiet wedding, quiet and cheap. Diana was already a lady, Kate just has a mediocre degree and bagged herself a prince. Good luck to the girl but the wedding doesn't deserve THIS amount of fuss given her origin and the fact they've consummated their love already, years ago.