Thursday, March 31, 2011

Body of Proof is a true corpse

As I settled in Tuesday night at 9 PM to watch Body of Proof on ABC, I had realistic hopes. Starring Dana Delany (Desperate Housewives) I figured that she wouldn't have signed on to just any show and that she had some sort of standards about the type of work she took on.

I was wrong.

Body of Proof felt, in the first five minutes, like a poorly crafted ripoff of FOX's Bones. The biggest difference is that Bones has likable characters and good writing. For a show centering around death and an excessively bitchy medical examiner who seems to almost loathe her job (aren't we in the era of just being happy to have a job?) the settings seemed to bright and sterile. Maybe I've been spoiled by the spot-on scenery from FOX's Bones but not even the mildly MILFy Dana Delany could save this tepid hour.

ABC obviously has little faith in it based on its late March premiere. If it were even half way decent it would have made the schedule in January and let's face it, ABC has plenty of openings on its schedule but they instead opted to give dead on arrival series like Detroit-187 and No Ordinary Family nearly full seasons and held on to this for when few would be watching it.

Unfortunately, the ratings of the first episode tell a different story. Approximately 14 million people stuck around after two hours of Dancing with the Stars to watch ABC's latest bomb. I don't know the true explanation for people accepting poorly crafted entertainment but maybe millions of people lost their remotes or maybe they simply fell asleep (I know I dozed off for five minutes of Proof, maybe I missed the good part). The true test for Body of Proof comes Sunday with a special airing of the show before it again settles in to its Tuesday, 9 PM C/T timeslot. Check it out if you hate your eyes but I recommend doing something better with your time like filling your eyes with broken glass.

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